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Why working with us is a good choice if you’re considering offshore development.

Why working with us is a good choice if you’re considering offshore development.
Why working with us is a good choice if you’re considering offshore development.

People always ask us, “Can you assist me with my website project?” or, “Will you build my app?” As a staff augmentation company that specializes in building development teams in the Philippines, we get these questions a lot. That being said, there are major differences in what we do and IT outsourcing.

Custom recruitment

Our Process: You work directly with the software developers you’ve personally interviewed and approved. You know the team has the skills you need because you can check it.

IT Outsourcing: You choose the vendor, but you don’t have an idea in who will actually develop your app. You don’t know if you’ll get beginners or senior developers.


Our Process: The custom software developers you hire with us act like your full-time employees. They’re dedicated to your business and don’t work for anyone else, so they’re motivated to deliver high-quality work and see things through to the end.

IT Outsourcing: The developers work for the outsourcing vendor, not you. They won’t be motivated in the success of your business, and may even be assigned to more projects at the same time. That means less dedication and lower-quality work.

Direct Communication

Our Process: You communicate directly with your team of developers. That means fewer misunderstandings and higher efficiency.

IT Outsourcing: You communicate through an account manager, a project manager, or a team lead. This can slow down the progress of your project.

Project Management

Our Process: You manage the project using your preferred tools and methodology. We’ll handle staff retention, attendance, and provide other HR/admin support. Our Shared PMO team will drive the success process of your offshore development team.

IT Outsourcing: You have no control over the project.

Skill level

Our Process: You get software developers whose skillsets are a perfect match for your project.

IT Outsourcing: You’ll be limited by the skills of the developers that work for the vendor.

Predictable cost

Our Process: You pay a stable monthly fee for your developers and our services. This way, you know exactly the cost you have each month.

IT Outsourcing: You pay for development hours plus for project management hours. And changes that you want will also add to the cost. You never know how much you’ll pay in total.


Our Process: Change team size with only one month notice. Request advanced IT security. Travel to our offices to work alongside your software developers or bring them over to your local offices.

IT Outsourcing: The project time and staffing is fixed.

Honestly, working with an IT outsourcing agent is probably a better option if your in-house personnel doesn’t have the technical background to manage a software project directly. Outsourcing would also be a good choice if you wanted to build a simple website or app.
In spite of that, if you want to have full control over the development of your software product and build relationships with employees that will work for you on a long-term basis, setting up your own remote team is the best solution.

The answer to the questions at the beginning of this article is no, we won’t develop your website and we won’t build your app. But we will connect you with top IT talent, organize their workspace in the Philippines, help you establish effective work relationships with your software development team, and take care of all the administrative issues.

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