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Get Software Developer Salary Guide Around the world

Get Software Developer Salary Guide Around the world
Software Developer Salary Guide Around the World

The average annual software engineer salary is based on a variety of factors, but most importantly location and experience level. According to statistics provided by U.S. News, the average annual salary for a software developer is $101K. The lowest salary paid 25% earned $77K, with the highest-paid 25% earning $128K.

A high salary will always come with experienced and skillsets. The more experienced you are, then you’ll more likely to secure senior roles that pay on the higher end of the salary range. If you’re a newbie developer, your salary may be on the lower end of the range. However, receiving relevant certifications through training can help accelerate your career and potentially climb up the corporate ladder quickly.

Moreover, the median software engineer salary will also vary based on the location. We studied developers’ rates and salaries in UK, Philippines, US, Netherlands, Norway, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, and other countries worldwide to know which location is the best-paying country for software developers.

What is the Average Software Developer Salary rates by Country?

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